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Why Asshole's Rule

Assholes -- Everyone Knows At Least One

Let’s talk a for a moment about assholes – you know – those guys who are bullies, obnoxious, and some arrogant assholes who can go on and get fucked.

We all hate them.

They think they can rule over us – just because we have to sit in their presence and wait on them to finish whatever they are doing. That doesn’t make them majesty over us, despite our tending to their every need and whim – we give them the best treatment as best we can, and we need them always to feel well.

Every day, we think of calling him by many names, because so many cultures have their own ethnic idea as to what an asshole is called – this asshole transcends any race – we all pay the price of having to clean up behind him, she, or whatever, btw – It doesn’t matter, the asshole is sexless. They rule as a Universal Reality – we all have one.

And no matter what your status or economic background you hail from – this asshole will always cause you to stop whatever important meeting or function you may be chairing or conducting – and have you running for the nearest restroom. And while you may not have time for this shit – you will shit nonetheless. Because. When it’s time to go, this asshole ain’t waiting too long to get shit moving and onto the Hershey Highway – this turd is coming whether you’re ready or not.

That’s how much a bully pulpit your asshole commands, it can capitvate your attention with ‘nary a word. Yet, it begs the questions how something so foul-smelling can rule so absolutely over our lives. People have grown rich through Charmin sales, pampering that asshole whenever there’s a 50% sale, or not.
Asshole’s rule.

So, that’s what I’m thinking why we’ve names the two-legged variety: “assholes” too – because most of the time, really quite often, they are such a pain in the ass, and they are usually some person with a lowly position, always in the back, who has a shit job but still tries to boss you around.

And what really suck is, just like the real asshole, our job is to obey their call no matter what time of night it calls – ‘cause this turd is the boss, and it ain’t waitin’.

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